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The Crucifixion: the enemy’s 2nd worst blunder *

God can keep a secret, and He was keeping a BIG one when the enemy crucified Jesus. The Bible says if the enemy had known that secret, they never would have crucified the Lord of glory. WHAT DIDN’T THE ENEMY KNOW?!?

Even though the answer was revealed to the Apostle Paul, and he shared it in the church epistles, it seems the secret remained a secret to most Christians in the centuries that followed. But in these last days, I get the sense more of God’s people are picking up the pace.

Here it is in a nutshell:
When God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, IT MADE A DIFFERENCE!

This song touches on some of the details. Give it a listen, then come back and I’ll share a little more about that difference.

What did they know — when did they know it?

As far back as Genesis 3 God was revealing
1. The woman’s seed (a.k.a., the Messiah) would be hurt
2. The enemy would be crushed

What didn’t they know?

See the two sentences above? See the space between them? What was in that space … what was in the time between the Messiah’s hurt and the enemy’s crushing …. THAT was a secret.

The secret

The secret, also called “the mystery” in the church epistles, is bundled in the “Christian era”, the time starting with Pentecost in Acts 2 all the way to this present day. It is what has been offered to every person through Jesus Christ. It was not available before Jesus Christ ascended into heaven. It was not found in the Scriptures until Paul wrote of it. It is richly recorded and described in the church epistles, Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Thessalonians. It includes the new birth (Christ in YOU, the hope of glory), gentiles being fellow heirs and of the same body, and other huge truths.

What changed?

What changed was big enough that if the enemy had known, he would have realized he would do more damage to God by letting Jesus just stay alive and minister as he was, in one place at a time. Instead, because of Jesus Christ’s death, resurrection, ascension and the gift of the new birth, the enemy is NOW confronted with the Body of Christ, with Jesus Christ as the head, and all the “Christ – in – you – the – hope – of – glory” believers being members of his body, all around the world, doing the works that Jesus Christ did — and GREATER works — because Jesus went to the Father. We’ve been given power from on high, holy spirit. We can minister new life to the unsaved, so they can become members of the Body of Christ and active in the Household of God. We manifest the new birth’s gift of holy spirit through perfect prayer and inspired utterance, through receiving revelation, and through healing and performing miracles. This is how Jesus and Paul speak, in the Scriptures, of the amazing victory won by Jesus Christ, and the astounding things he has made available to EVERY believer ever since.

We live in exciting times when these truths are lighting up for people in amazing, wonderful ways. Signs, miracles, wonders — DELIVERANCE!

Do we know what’s next?

We know the serpent still gets his head crushed. Remember Genesis 3? Before that happens, we know Jesus Christ returns, his “second coming”. We know there will be a gathering together where the dead in Christ rise, and we who are alive and remain are changed, receiving new bodies like Jesus Christ’s glorious body. We can read that we will be with the Lord forever. There is a lot we don’t know, but a lot we CAN know from the scriptures.

God’s plans for His people are astoundingly magnificent — words fail. But, we speak the best we can. And … how can we keep from singing?!?

So … Colossians 3?

Some parts of the church epistles seem to be especially popular places to read, with great “one-liners” for powerful Christian living. Among them are Romans 12, I Corinthians 13, Ephesians 4, and Colossians 3.

This song picks up some ideas from Colossians 3 and sets them to a melody to help make them stick in the old noggin.

May it help you sing with grace in your heart to the Lord!

God bless you lots


* The enemy’s first big blunder was rebelling against God. Just a thought….

Download this song sheet

LYRICS: Colossians 3 Song (Sing With Grace In Your Heart To The Lord)
Song by Dale Reichel

1.) We are risen with Christ and seek things above
Jesus sits right next to the Father
Our hearts rejoice in his truth and love
We’re complete, we don’t want something other.

Let the word of Christ richly dwell in you, brother
In all wisdom teach and encourage each other
In Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs
Sing with grace in your heart to the Lord

2.) When Christ who is our life shall appear
Then we shall appear with him in glory
Put off old things, put on the new,
Put on kindness, humbleness and mercy

3.) Whatsoever we do in word or deed
We do all in the name of Jesus
Giving thanks to God the Father by him
Always praying and knowing God hears us

4.) Above all things put on the love of God
Let peace and joy be our story
Always thankful we mean so very much to Him
He put Christ in you, the hope of glory

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  1. Ferne

    Thanks Dale. A GREAT reminder of all that God and Jesus have done for us and the great things to come!! PTL


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