Every-day-sing-along songs; timeless truths

Put this growing collection of positive SING-ALONG songs to work! These are good songs we can learn to sing at any age and cherish for a lifetime.

Our sing-along collection includes gospel, folk and original songs. Most posts include a Bible lesson (the “sermon”) to make the songs even more meaningful.

I suggest you start by clicking any song title listed under Recent Sermons & Songs located elsewhere on this page. You can also search for songs alphabetically using the A-Z Index link located in the navigation bar.

What’s available

The songs and song sheets are all free, and all online. People learn differently, so I’m posting songs as videos, audio recordings, and print. Here’s where to find them:

YouTube ~~~ MusicMinister Songs ~~~ The Music Box

The Music Box Community

You can see a LOT on this website and YouTube. But to keep things simple, I don’t post everything right here. For those of you who share my interest in this music ministry, I offer “The Music Box” where you’ll find all the things listed in the table above — all free. Just tell me where to send the access information.

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Get the FREE sheet music now! Just tell me where to send it.
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