He Keeps Me Singing

“Do NOT think of a dog wagging its tail! He’s running toward you, happy to see you, and can’t wait for you to pet him. Do NOT picture a happy dog!”

Did you think of a dog just then? I admit I did, even though I was told not to. Why didn’t I think as I was told to think? Well, of course, because minds don’t work like that. The way we stop thinking about one thing is to REPLACE the thought with another. REPLACE! Continue Reading →

Joy Joy Joy

Can we talk about sin? I ask because our song, “Joy Joy Joy“, raises questions.

In about twenty seconds, this song — a “kid’s” song at that — manages to CONNECT God’s revealed love, a ringing heart, a bubbling heart, a well-directed life heading ever closer to heaven and TEN joys ALL with THIS ONE THING:

My sins are all forgiven.”

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On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand

Jesus Christ’s strength and faithfulness is likened to “solid rock” — not only in this song, but also in the Bible, and in the personal experiences of countless millions of people in years past and even more today. Jesus is both unmovable and unstoppable. So whether we are trying to stay put or we are crying for change, Jesus Christ is the one to turn to. Continue Reading →