I Met Jesus At The Crossroads

Everyone gets to make choices. This song is about the ONE most important choice every person has to make. Please give it a listen, then come back for more thoughts.

I set before you the way of life

When our first child was about 5 years old I had an aquarium. NEWSFLASH! Eventually, fish die. Our daughter learned it. We developed a tradition that when a fish swished its last, our daughter and I would scoop it out of the aquarium and respectfully give it a burial over the edge of the deck in our West Virginia back yard. It was a way to appreciate the joy the little creature had provided and say goodbye.

Death ends life. Kids understand that. It is not that hard for kids to understand death is a problem.

So it makes sense to them when they learn Jesus came to solve the problem of death. They are open to clear instruction that they must accept the gift of life. Don’t neglect to see they are taught that!

Adam and Eve were the only ones given the choice to stay the course OR choose death. Everyone who came after them is given the choice to stay the course OR choose life. Exactly HOW a person would gain life has changed through God’s history. Thanks to Jesus Christ, OUR choice is so simple and beautiful, it is hard to imagine. Thanks be to God!

The thief only comes to steal, kill, and destroy

The thief, the adversary, Satan, has been around a long, long time. He has a HUGE head start on learning schemes and strategies to keep people from accepting LIFE through Jesus Christ. He will spin lies to lure people into his traps and keep them from getting to Jesus for their entire lives if possible.

God Almighty has been around a lot longer than Satan. God knows how Satan works. God sent Jesus to destroy the works of Satan. We are wise to learn HOW God works through Jesus to destroy Satan’s works and bring us from death to life.

That’s what this song is about.
Jesus came that we might have LIFE.
Satan just steals, kills, and destroys.
Jesus calls everyone to follow him.
Satan calls everyone to follow him.
We get to choose who we follow.

God said it best: “CHOOSE LIFE“.

God bless you LOTS!

Dale R.

LYRICS: I Met Jesus At The Crossroads

I met Jesus at the crossroads,
Where the two ways meet,
Satan too was standing there,
And he said, “Come this way,
Lots and lots of pleasures,
I will give to you today.”
But I said, “No, there’s Jesus here;
See what he offers me,
Down here my sins are forgiven
Up there a home in heaven.”
Praise God! That’s the way for me.

Your thoughts?

Did someone take the time to encourage YOU to accept life? Please jot a note about it in the “Leave a reply” spot below.

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2 Replies to “I Met Jesus At The Crossroads”

  1. Julia Witchard

    Good evening mr Dale, blessing goes out to u and your family…….. your question , did anyone take the time to encourage me to accept life?.. “YES ” ” THE HOLY BIBLE “……..OUR FATHER GOD’S WORDS “… Reading OUR FATHER GOD’S WORDS Constantly,will give us any answer we need about life and how we should apply it to our daily lives…… FATHER JESUS IS THE ANSWER, FATHER JESUS IS THE WAY……..ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS ACCEPT HIM…BECAUSE HE IS OUR LIFE…BE BLESSED Mr Dale…and may, OUR FATHER JESUS CONTINUES TO BLESS U ALWAYS….. JULIA…

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Julia, thanks for sharing! May God continue to bless you with health, joy, prosperity, and open doors to serve and bless. God bless you lots! – Dale


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