Joy In My Heart

I heard a radio ad offering a service they said would replace my fear with peace. Their plan for peace is to show me how to get my money in order so I would be set financially for the rest of my life. The peace that comes from knowing we will have what we need is, indeed, wonderful. The trick is to see that not all peace is the same. To compare the peace that comes from a healthy bank statement with the peace that Jesus brings is to compare the light that comes from a candle with the light that comes from the sun. We can benefit from both kinds of light, but we must see how they are different. Continue Reading →

Joy Joy Joy

Can we talk about sin? I ask because our song, “Joy Joy Joy“, raises questions.

In about twenty seconds, this song — a “kid’s” song at that — manages to CONNECT God’s revealed love, a ringing heart, a bubbling heart, a well-directed life heading ever closer to heaven and TEN joys ALL with THIS ONE THING:

My sins are all forgiven.”

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