He’s Living Down Deep In My Heart

Living and real

This is a joy-filled upbeat song that makes days brighter and burdens lighter. Please give it a listen, then come back for a chat about “heart”.

What is heart?

The dictionary offers these ways to think about “heart“:
1) Your heart is the organ in your chest that pumps the blood around your body.
2) You can refer to someone’s heart when you are talking about their deep feelings and beliefs.
3) You use heart when you are talking about someone’s character and attitude towards other people, especially when they are kind and generous.

Clearly our song deals with meanings 2 and 3:

2) Deep feelings and beliefs
3) Character and attitude

Deep feelings and beliefs

A thing does not become true just because someone deeply feels it or believes it. Sincerity is no guarantee for truth. History is full of accounts of pain and suffering that happened because people believed and acted on things that were not true.

For “deep feelings and beliefs” to work right, they need to be based on truth.

God is the source and supplier of truth. We turn to Him to learn how to think and act. Then we respond to His truth by believing it and acting on it.

In Romans, after many chapters of truth about what changed when God raised Jesus from the dead, the first thing God asks the new Christian to do is to start thinking and acting on this truth —- and in doing so, PROVE that God’s will is good, acceptable and perfect. That’s BIG!

This song reminds us to put the right stuff in our hearts — to learn truth and think about it, and love it, and live it, so it can work for us and help our lives. If something is TRUE and we neither feel it nor believe it, we have a hard time putting that truth to work in our lives.

Character and attitude

Truth we carry in our heart will show in our character and attitudes. Proverbs 23 says, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” . That’s good news! We can develop good character and good attitudes if we will learn to fill our hearts with good thoughts.

Guard your heart

A good gardener keeps weeds from taking root in his garden. We want to do the same with thoughts we allow in our hearts. Proverbs 4 says, “Above all else guard your heart”. We don’t want to waste our lives by filling our hearts with fears, worries and doubts! Our hearts were shaped by God to hold the love and truth Jesus brings. It’s a perfect fit!

♫♪ Whenever you are tempted ♫♪

Temptations are part of life for young and old alike, so keep this second verse handy! The Bible teaches us to be wise and not get tricked by temptation. One trick to watch out for is “Oh, go ahead. No one will see!” If that thought gets sent through our minds, how powerful it would be to remember the lyric, “♫♪ Remember he is watching, do not dishonor him…♫♪” The awareness of God’s ever-presence is a joy AND a help in time of need.

Sing it!

God bless you lots,
Dale R.

LYRICS: He’s Living Down Deep In My Heart
Song by O.A. Lambert and Johnnie Hope

Upon the Cross of Cal’vry where Jesus died for me,
He gave His life a ransom from sin to set me free,
I want the world to know I’m as thankful as can be,
To have this love of Jesus abiding in me.

I’ve got the love of Jesus
(yes it is deep) down in my heart
(yes it is deep) down in my heart
(yes it is deep) down in my heart
I know the love of Jesus
(and it will not) will not depart
For He’s living down deep in my heart

Whenever you are tempted to live a life of sin,
Remember He is watching, do not dishonor Him,
Just ask the Lord above for the strength to see you through,
And then this love of Jesus will abide in you.

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3 Replies to “He’s Living Down Deep In My Heart”

  1. Sarah Durm

    I love that illustration of the heart as a garden…

    “A good gardener keeps weeds from taking root in his garden. We want to do the same with thoughts we allow in our hearts.”

    I look outside and see how my little garden has become overgrown. It’s easy to see and it’s a sore spot. The heart garden is hidden to most eyes, but not to God’s, and it’s ever so much more important. A good reminder to actively tend it! (I think I might do some gardening too!)

  2. Julia Witchard

    Mr Dale, OUR FATHER JESUS IS MY EVERYTHING, There Are So Much Temptation in this world, we have to die daily for our sinful souls, I want My FATHER JESUS TO SAY, WELL DONE MY Faithful Servant, I try daily to keep my heart, stayed on “HIM” And On HIM ALONE,BECAUSE HE IS MY HEART……Be Blessed, Mr Dale, U And Your family…….

  3. Hannah

    I think it is so empowering to know what WE ARE IN CONTROL OF WHAT GOES IN to our minds and hearts. We do that. We can have good things there. LOVE IT! Thanks for the beautiful song too!


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