Just Over In The Glory Land

It’s going to be great!

Years ago my wife and I discovered something. “Calendar magic” just seemed like the right thing to call it. Dinner out? Visit friends? Schedule a seminar? Time after time, we’d get an idea for something fun (and/or important) we’d like to do. BUT —- no time today to figure it out. So we’d just pencil the idea on a calendar. AMAZING how many times the idea took shape and actually got done!

Give this song a listen, then please come back for ideas on using TOMORROW to fuel TODAY.

Too big to do

We saw a wonderful live musical comedy years ago. It was in its tenth year and had grown to several casts performing in different cities at the same time. SUCCESS! In an interview about getting it started, the writers revealed this production pearl:

“We had an idea, but it was too big to do. So we created a hard deadline —- we scheduled the first show with a theater — and as you can see, it got done!”

What a treasure! Do you have a good idea but it is too large to make it happen TODAY? What to do? Forget about it? Put it on a wish list?
Do like these writers did: GIVE IT TIME!
Pencil it on a calendar.

Multi-day pass

We live near Orlando, Florida, as does a famous mouse who gets visited by lots of people. The mouse place is too big to do in just one day. Was that a mistake? No, it was a brilliant design. They just built a better mouse trap! To make it work, the mouse place sells multi-day passes! Problem solved.

Of course, God Almighty was way ahead on this! God’s creation requires lots of days to explore. Truth be told, it will take more lifetimes than we can imagine. To make this work, God offers something way beyond multi-day passes. To properly explore God’s creation, He offers everlasting life.

Faith, hope, love

How can we succeed at life without getting overwhelmed by its size and complexity? We’ll look at that calendar magic idea, but first a little help from I Corinthians 13:

And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; …“.

FAITH (or “believing”) gets us learning God’s word, His promises and His plans, and gets us acting according to what we are learning.

HOPE keeps our eyes (and our joy) on God’s promises and plans for the future. There just is not enough time in one day to experience all God has prepared for those who love Him. Hope is that part of us that stays excited and energized thinking about the future He has promised.

LOVE is the energy, the motive, the glue to keep us believing, hoping — and serving.

Faith, hope and love work together to help us navigate through our days and experience God’s creation with success and purpose.

Calendar and pencil

God has put the “hope” items on His calendar. These are promises we cannot have right now, but we are sure they are coming. We can pencil “hope” in our calendar, and live life knowing something wonderful beyond wonder will happen in the days ahead.

Until then, we can learn and believe God’s plans and promises, and live in their light, walking in love — and never losing sight of the hope.

God bless you lots!
-Dale R.

LYRICS: Just Over In The Glory Land
Words: James W. Acuff
Music: Emmett Sidney Dean

I’ve a home prepared where the saints abide,
Just over in the glory land;
And I long to be by my Savior’s side,
Just over in the glory land.

Just o-(ver, over, o-) ver in the glory land.
I’ll join (yes, join) the happy angel band,
Just over in the glory-land,
Just o-(ver, over, o-) ver in the glory land.
There with (yes, with) the mighty host I’ll stand,
Just over in the glory-land.

I am on my way to those mansions fair,
Just over in the glory land;
There to sing God’s praise and His glory share;
Just over in the glory land.

What a joyful thought that my Lord I’ll see,
Just over in the glory land;
And with kindred saved, there forever be,
Just over in the glory land.

With the blood washed throng I will shout and sing,
Just over in the glory land;
Glad hosannas to Christ, the Lord and King,
Just over in the glory land.

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