The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1). Oh, where would we be without the Psalms?!? Please give “Unafraid” a sing-along listen, then come back and we’ll talk about how this song can help us tap into the Lord’s immeasurable resources and have enough to share with folks around us. If we are going to lack anything, let’s lack fear!

The synchronized life

First Thessalonians 2 tells us “God’s Word works effectually in you that believe.”

The big question is: how do we get to the place that we believe — that we trust — God’s Word so it CAN work effectually in our lives?

Here is a simple method:

  1. HEAR God’s Word — We use our eyes and ears to get God’s word into our heads so we know WHAT to believe in our hearts. Romans 10 says “faith (or belief or trust) comes from hearing God’s Word”.
  2. SAY what God’s Word says — Step 1 is to get God’s Word IN us. Step 2 is to bring it back out by speaking God’s Word. That’s how His word becomes effectual in our lives. We find the promise of God that applies to our situation and SPEAK that promise at the situation and move forward to receive the answer. The answer might come immediately or it might not. But when we have His promise and put it to work by speaking it, we know He hears us and will honor His own Word, and will not leave us without help.

This is “the synchronized life” — to confess with our mouths at the same time we confess with our trusting hearts WHAT GOD’S WORD SAYS. That is how God’s Word and power is released to work effectually in our lives.

Sand in the machinery of life

The key to manifesting God’s power is to BELIEVE and SPEAK His promises. What prevents people from doing that? A big enemy of believing is FEAR. Fear has been called “sand in the machinery of life”. Satan is the biggest fear peddler out there — like a roaring lion, walking about seeking whom he may freeze with fear and devour. We must resist him and his fear tactics all the time. The synchronized life — putting God’s promises IN and speaking them OUT is a way to push back on the enemy’s never-ending fear campaigns. We learn God’s promises and speak them to live unafraid.


Our song “Unafraid” gives us line after line of “confessing with our mouths” wonderful promises from the Lord. It helps us chase away lies from the lying wannabe lion — lies that we are no good, that we must put up with lack, that we must be sick or whatever other lies he tries to scare us into accepting.

GOD IS GOOD! Singing songs like “Unafraid” helps us see that bigger.

Let’s enjoy the privilege of living right here and right now without crippling fear and instead walk in love. Let’s enjoy the Lord’s abundance as we reach out with His truth, kindness, goodness and strength to help hurting people become unafraid.

God bless you lots!
Dale R.

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LYRICS: Unafraid
Text: George Ellis Martin Govan (born 1898)

1. I will not be afraid,
I will not be afraid;
I will look upward,
And travel onward,
And not be afraid.

2. He says He will be with me,
He says He will be with me;
He goes before me,
And lives inside me,
So I’m not afraid.

3. His arms are underneath me,
His arms are underneath me;
His hands uphold me,
His love enfolds me,
So I’m not afraid.

4. His Word will stand forever,
His Word will stand forever;
His truth– it shall be
My shield and buckler,
So I’m not afraid.

5. He will give grace and mercy,
He will give grace and glory;
His cross before me,
His banner o’er me,
So I’m not afraid.

6. So we go singing onward,
So we go singing onward;
We’re pressing upward,
We’re marching homeward
To Him unafraid.

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First posted November 11, 2020. Reposted with updates to article March 1, 2024.

13 Replies to “Unafraid”

  1. Julia MWitchard

    Good early morning Mr Dale, …………….. Reading your beautiful sermon and song , these many times, …. such an amazing song and sermon………………. “UNAFRAID”…………..now that is a desirable statement…. knowing that. OUR FATHER JESUS, CONQUERED ALL FEAR. And left US with that amazing “WORD”, Your sermon, is well written, and if read thoroughly, it will bring cheers to the heart……’HE DID SAY”. “LET NOT YOUR HEARTS BE TROUBLED….I HAVE CONQUER ALL, WHEN I STRETCHED OUT MY ARMS AND DIED… I HAVE OVER CAME ALL FEARS AND DOUBTS, “… Thanks again for sharing that amazing song and. sermon, … OUR FATHER JESUS WILL WORK ON OUR Hearts, to MAKE HIS WORDS KNOWN,…TO WHOSOEVER HE CHOOSES….NOW THAT’S AMAZING GRACE…Mr Dale..Much blessings to u and Cathy.. Always.. 💕 and blessings to u both…

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Hi Julia. Thanks for your note. It is wonderful to think about the mind of Jesus Christ, how confident he was of what he knew to be true. He was not afraid to mingle with anyone, concerned they might throw him a curve that might make him doubt what he knew was true. What keeps us from being that confident? One thing I can think of that attacks confidence is FEAR. I love what you said, “Let not your hearts be troubled.” CONFIDENCE! TRUST! FAITH! That is ours to have and to live if we are willing. Beautiful! God bless you lots! — Dale R.

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Lisa, thanks much for your kind words! I agree, this is a marvelous song to sing, sing, sing! God bless you lots! – Dale R. ?

  2. Frank Manasseri

    Dale you Sir are a breathe of fresh air.

    Always were

    Always will be

    Thanks for the musical reminder to not be afraid.

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Dina, thanks for your note! I’ve seen this song in our songbook for years, but did not think it was getting used much. I agree, it is a dandy! UNAFRAID. Yell it, be it. God bless you lots! – Dale R. ?


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