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Do you wonder why you are here — and what to do with your life? You are not alone! Years ago when self-help books were hugely popular I read an article called “How To Avoid Being A Failure”.
I thought it would say that I needed to work harder — or needed to go to school — or needed to eat better. Was I ever surprised! Instead I was given the ONE THING that has made all difference in my life. Please give this song a listen, then come back for the answer — it might surprise you, too!

What is your explanation?

“Worldview” is the the way a person sees and explains life and the world. It is a person’s set of beliefs on how to answer such questions as:
WHERE did we come from?
WHERE do we go?
WHAT is our purpose for being here?

The Bible offers God’s answers for everything we need for a useful worldview. Ignoring the Bible has led to distress, darkness and misery throughout man’s history.

God’s Word tells us where we came from.
God’s Word tells us where we are going.
God’s Word tells us our purpose for being here.

God’s Word is truly a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths!

Jesus Christ’s example of purpose

The day Jesus was born in Bethlehem he did not immediately walk and talk and teach God’s Word and heal people. But, OH! How well he mastered the purpose of his life! The Gospel of Luke tells us Jesus was only twelve years old when he already was able to declare, “I must be about my Father’s business”.

Still he continued to learn and grow. Luke goes on to say, “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” No doubt through his teens and twenties, Jesus spent much time pouring through the Scriptures to learn in detail who he was and what he would do. Can there be any doubt that by the time Jesus started his ministry, he was perfectly clear on the answers to the questions:
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
What is my purpose for being here?

Jesus knew what he was on earth to do. Part of Jesus Christ’s purpose — a LARGE part as far as we are concerned — was accomplished with his death, resurrection and ascension. We gained much from his death, we gained more from his resurrection and we gained STILL more from his ascension. He did not stop until he did ALL that was needed for our complete salvation. Consider the following:

When Jesus Christ died the sin that separated us from God was paid for — removed — and we were justified – it is “just as if I’d” never sinned.

When God raised Jesus Christ from the dead Jesus proved death itself had been defeated and we would now be able to LIVE and ENTER INTO HIS REST without end!

THEN, when Jesus ascended to be with The Father more opened up.
Jesus is there NOW
preparing a place for us
AND serving as the head of his body, which is the church
AND mediating between God and men
— just to name a few things Jesus is doing.

WE HAVE A COMPLETE SAVIOR, TRIUMPHANT, POWERFUL — and RETURNING! He knows his purpose, and we are invited into the magnificent blessing of it as he continues to fulfill it. He is still at work!

Jesus Christ in our worldview

Question: Where did we come from?
Answer: God formed, made and created Adam. Adam sinned and fell from God’s presence. We are descendants of the fallen Adam and we inherited sin and death which he introduced to mankind. When we accept Jesus as Lord we become a new creation in Christ. Old things are passed away. All things are new.

Question: Where are we going?
Answer: The saved in Christ are glory bound! Everlasting life with our ever-loving Lord.

Question: What is my purpose for being here?
Answer: FIRST, we must avoid being a failure! How? GET BORN AGAIN! Accept Jesus as Lord and believe God raised him from the dead. THEN – we live for the Lord and honor Him in whatever we do, and we tell others how to receive the life Jesus Christ made available.

Jesus learned his purpose and fulfilled it, and we can be very thankful he did. Let’s imitate him by learning our purpose and fulfilling it. Let Jesus be both help and guide. Time is short and life is fragile. We don’t need to waste time and effort wandering in the dark wondering what to do with our lives! The Lord is hiring! Let’s work for HIM!

God bless you lots!
Dale R.

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LYRICS: Let Everyone Know
Song by Dale Reichel (2021)

1. Aristotle asked where we all came from
Plato asked where we all go
Socrates said, “Please tell me why we are here”
Such things people struggle to know

At the cross Jesus knew where he came from
At the cross Jesus knew where he’d go
At the cross Jesus knew what he needed to do
Now he asks we let everyone know

[Last time]
At the cross Jesus did all he needed to do
How I want to let everyone know

2. Jesus willingly died to save us
Jesus rose so death had to go
He ascended on high to prepare us a place
I wonder, does everyone know?

3. We came here through Adam as heirs of his sin
Thank Jesus to glory we’ll go
We’re here to get saved and live for the Lord
It’s our joy to let everyone know

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6 Replies to “Let Everyone Know”

  1. Sal Arico

    Great song Dale in so many ways! Thanks for writing it and sharing it with us all! This message and the answer to all life’s questions is still a need today and as God’s kids we are so privileged to speak it!! God Bless Your wonderful ministry!!

  2. Elizabeth Nicely

    Hi Dale! Thanks for the great song! Clear, concise and “colorful”. Thanking our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ for all that has been given now to those that do what Romans 10:9 says and for all that is in store for us later!


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