I Loves You More Than Frog Legs

My friends Frank and Jane Manasseri sent me their new song. I scratched my head a little at first, but came to see it is indeed a little gem of light-hearted wisdom. It’s a song that can soften and sweeten moods on edge while reminding us of the wonderful attractiveness of the Lord — and how he can draw people to Himself through us by way of us living the new life He put in us when we got saved. Please give the song a sing-along listen, then let’s look at attraction — us to the Lord, us to others . . . and others to us.

Christ in you

The expression “Christ in you” shows up in a powerful section of the Church Epistles which reads: “To whom [the born-again ones] God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory” . . . [Colossians 1:27]

“Christ in you” is a miracle of miracles.

It is one way the Bible describes what God does through Jesus Christ — what happens in a person — when the person confesses Jesus as Lord and believes God raised Jesus from the dead.

This “happening” goes by various names, including:
born again
incorruptible seed
the new man
the inner man
everlasting life
newness of life
child of God

Christ in you — miracle of miracles — the hope of glory. The one thing we must do to be successful in this life.

You in Christ

Reverse the words “Christ in you” to “you in Christ” and we find another Biblical idea to discuss.

Christ in you is what the Lord does in us when we accept salvation.
It is our “sonship standing”.
This standing is described with adjectives such as “everlasting” and “incorruptible”.
It is the Lord’s work as part of the new birth.

You in Christ is what we are doing in this moment to live in obedience to Christ.
It is our “fellowship state”.
This state is described with adjectives such as “fluctuating” and “changing”.
It is our work in response to the abilities and privileges given to us in the new birth.

With “Christ in us” we can live this life certain that we will one day be caught up together in the air with the Lord, and ever be with the Lord — as described in 1 Thessalonians 4.

To the extent we live “in Christ” — in fellowship with and obedience to Him — we can live this life certain that we will one day receive rewards in the life to come.
(AND — a lot of things in the present life will go much, much better.)

Bible references to living “in Christ” — that is, in obedient fellowship — include:
1 Corinthians 4 — “… remember my ways which be in Christ …”
2 Corinthians 5 — “… if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature … “
Romans 8 — “… there is no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus …”
Romans 16 — “… apostles in Christ …”, “… helper in Christ…” & “… approved in Christ …”
Ephesians 1 — “…to the faithful in Christ …”

Areas to study in the Bible on how to live “in Christ” include topics like “the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12) and manifesting holy spirit (1 Corinthians 12-14).

Attractive in Christ

Our song sings about “going ape over the Christ in you”. The song does not make much sense unless we figure that the one we are going ape over has both “Christ in you” and “you in Christ” going on. The person is both born again and living it. They are attractive to others who are noticing something, most likely noticing by way of their five senses.

One thing that makes a person truly beautiful and attractive to others is “fruit of the spirit” which requires both “Christ in” and “in Christ“. Such an attractive guy or gal will have received the Lord’s unspeakable gift of everlasting life and will be faithfully doing something right about living in it.

It will show.

Fruit of the spirit is described in Galatians with these words:

Is it any wonder a person with these qualities on display would be attractive to others who value such qualities?

Fruit of the spirit — to anyone looking for a way to live life bigger and better, wouldn’t this be a rich area to pursue?

To anyone looking for good friends, maybe a lifelong companion, wouldn’t it be good to put time and focus into developing this kind of attractiveness and hanging around places where others are doing the same thing?

There is nothing in this life that compares with the kind of joyful fellowship we find when we company with like-minded believers who love the Lord — such folks are way more lovable even than frog legs!

God bless you lots!
— Dale R.

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LYRICS: I Loves You More Than Frog Legs.
Song by Frank and Jane Manasseri (2022)

I loves you more than frog legs
And peanut butter too
I loves you more than
A monkey loves bananas
That’s locked up in a zoo
I’ve just gone ape
Over the Christ in you
oo – oo – oo – oo – oo!

She loves me more than frog legs
And peanut butter tea
She loves me more than
A monkey loves bananas
That’s high up in a tree
She’ just gone ape
Over the Christ in me
ee – ee – ee – ee – ee!

We loves you more than frog legs
And peanut butter too
We loves you more than
A monkey loves bananas
That’s locked up in a zoo
We’ve just gone ape
Over the Christ in you
oo – oo – oo – oo – oo!


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6 Replies to “I Loves You More Than Frog Legs”

  1. Julia Witchard

    Good afternoon Mr Dale; u sanged that song quite well 👍 😀, and the thing about it is that u seems to really enjoy it 😀…now that’s awesome…wouldn’t that be amazing if we had, OUR FATHER JESUS INSIDE OF US, but in order for us to do that is like u said, have THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT INSIDE OF US…how awesome that would be, walking around with a halo over our head so everyone could see and know, and say”WOW”…wouldn’t that be amazing.. I mean inside of us completely… “WALK HIM, TALK HIM AND PRAISE HIM FOREVERMORE “, ….yes if we wants to follow. “HIM”, That is exactly what that means…..”CHRIST IN ME AND I IN CHRIST”.that would be “AMAZING GRACE “TO HAVE OUR FATHER JESUS INSIDE OF US..yes we would have to “ACCEPT HIM AS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR…BECAUSE HE IS SO WORTHY “…, And yes to be ATTRACTIVE IN CHRIST, We Will have to have, all the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT INSIDE OF US…”LIVE ,WALK, AND TALK HIM AND MEDITATE ON HIM CONSTANTLY…..so I say yes to the. “FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT INSIDE OF ME, “…..”I, julia accept the “FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT INSIDE OF ME, , ….So I am asking and praying for, “OUR FATHER HOLY SPIRIT TO GUIDE Me in living all of. the requirements of what it takes, to live with”…THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, inside of me”….Thanks mr dale for your encouraging words…blessing 🙏 upon blessings goes out to u and Cathy…ALWAYS 🙏….

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Great hearing from you, Julia. Fruit of the spirit — love, joy peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance are the result of using our holy spirit, which is described in 1 Corinthians 12 as 9 manifestations … available for use by all who got born again … and listed there as speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophesy, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits, faith, working of miracles and gifts of healing. Certainly all these are needed among believers in the church today. The good news is, tradition aside, they are all available believers to do these today to bless and strengthen the Body of Christ, the believers. I think most people would agree we have not yet exhausted all the riches of the glory of Christ Jesus we received in the new birth. Things to learn, things to do. But the best part is, God LOVES us already and is delighted we love and honor Him, and the rest of this stuff are things He’s enabled us to do so we can bless others, so we can be part of doing His work here on earth AND so we can be blessed and fulfilled ourselves. What a wonderful Father. What a wonderful Savior! Thanks, as always, for your notes. God bless you lots — Dale R.

  2. Sarah D

    I loves it!!! How fun! 🐸

    A word I hear to describe this concept at my church is “winsome.” The Google definition is:

    Attractive or appealing in appearance or character

    I hope to be more winsome than frog legs, though I think they can be pretty great if prepared properly! 🐸🥰

    Keep posting!!

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Sarah, thanks for your note. Frog stock will probably go up now. Watching … and waiting … waiting. Hope to winsome 🙂 LOVINGS … -D

  3. Dan R.

    I love the foregone conclusion in the title of the song. I do in fact like almost everybody more than frog legs and that’s a fact! Thanks for the fun song, Dale. The words and tune are most creative. You always share something I enjoy (maybe even more than frog legs) ………Thanks for sending!!!!!

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Dan, thanks for your kind words. I love them more than frog legs. And peanut butter … too! God bless you lots. Love you, Brother! –D.


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