How Firm A Foundation (Adeste Fideles ♫)

Earlier I posted this same hymn set to a different “traditional” melody. The “Adeste Fideles” tune used here might be more familiar to you. What might not be familiar is the third verse. Please watch the sing-along video — then we’ll talk about God’s School of Gold Refining .

WHAT gold is it God would refine?
Why — gold that’s yours and gold that’s mine!

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How Firm A Foundation (traditional ♫)

Some artistic works enter public view and never change. Not so with this hymn. It used to have a different title. It is sung using at least two different melodies. Historians offer guesses on who wrote it. It had seven verses, but only about three remain popular. (I include four verses here — can you spot the unfamiliar one?) Please sing along with the video, then come back for a chat on praying in a closet. 😊 Continue Reading →

Joy Joy Joy

Can we talk about sin? I ask because our song, “Joy Joy Joy“, raises questions.

In about twenty seconds, this song — a “kid’s” song at that — manages to CONNECT God’s revealed love, a ringing heart, a bubbling heart, a well-directed life heading ever closer to heaven and TEN joys ALL with THIS ONE THING:

My sins are all forgiven.”

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O That Will Be Glory

As a child I was taught Jesus saves, and as far as I knew, I would be with him some day. It wasn’t until my 21st year that I gained the PEACE and ASSURANCE based on God’s promises — that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt — that my name was INDEED in the book of life. This song glows with that assurance. What happened to me at age 21 that gave me that confidence? . . . Continue Reading →