I Love The Lord

Any written version I’ve ever seen of this song is one that at some point I jotted down from memory many years ago. I believe this is one of a number of songs by a wonderfully talented singer-songwriter-saint, Hope Harmon. I probably heard it performed from a summer festival stage almost fifty years ago while I sat looking up from the lawn. I have certainly sung it in many happy church gatherings through the years, then, as now, from memory. The song has been a companion and friend to me most of my life. I offer it here both to do what I can to keep it in service for many more years — and because I know it will bless you because it is such a wonderful song. Please give it a sing-along listen and come back for a chat on loving our loving Lord.

The Lord leads with love

The Bible makes it clear that the Lord leads with love. It is His character, nature, temperament. Off-hand I cannot think of a Bible verse that says “God is love BECAUSE ______ [fill in the blank]”. It just lets us know “Love — that’s what God is”. It is His nature. We do well to learn the Lord’s character and imitate it.

The Bible makes it clear that sometimes the Lord becomes angry. But anger is not His normal state. Off-hand I cannot think of a record in the Bible where the Lord was angry and the reason was not made perfectly clear. We do well to learn the Lord’s character and adjust ours accordingly.

There are many verses that say or demonstrate what we read in Psalm 86:
“But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” We can find example after example. “God so loved that He gave …”. There are countless testimonies from people who have experienced this for themselves.

This is not one of God’s well-kept secrets.

Ephesians 5 says believers should imitate God. The Message Bible puts it this way, “Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn’t love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that.”

We can learn from His example. Live love. Be angry if and when the cause is something that would anger the Lord, too. But lead with grace, mercy, faithfulness and love.

(TIP: Read a fine article on “How To Be An Imitator of God” at https://spiritandtruthonline.org/how-to-be-an-imitator-of-god/ Explore other articles while you’re there, too. You’ll find blessings abound.)

♫♪ A child of God sat down near me ♫♪

“♫♪ Sitting on the devil’s doorstep ♫♪” What a picture our song paints! Sitting, and — doing what? “♫♪ Trying to find some new way that I could learn to blow my mind. ♫♪”

Before the devil could bring his answer of death to the dear one on that doorstep, “♫♪ a child of God sat down near me ♫♪ “.

These two had “the talk”. What was said? We can only guess by what got done “♫♪ Dear Father, I could see that I’d love the Lord, and He would set me free. ♫♪”

If you’ve been there, at either end of that talk, you are rejoicing and your eyes might be misting up thinking about it. If you have not been there, wait no longer. Reach up. Reach out. He’s got someone who wants to sit with you, too. Connect.

Songs and acorns

Emerson said, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”

I’m impressed, though not surprised, by the size of the crowds old singers like James Taylor and Elton John could draw — people who heard their songs over fifty years earlier would fill huge halls to hear them sung again. Like acorns become mighty oaks, little songs can grow large in people over the years. They can provide shade and shelter, context and contentment. A song can hold the window open to times, places and people from years gone by, keeping alive memories that still have value.

Windows to our past can be a mixed blessing, I know. Much might be good to forget. But with the right handling, many times even the bad memories can be softened or reframed into something useful.

But a good song that teaches good things and carries good memories — THAT is a treasure. This song has been that for me. Right out of the shoot it modeled a wonderful heart and attitude toward God. It has partnered with me through the years, helping to build in me a fortress of confidence knowing that God IS love and that I could love Him back. What a gift this song has been to me, and many others, I’m sure!

Good songs that carry good lessons — learn them. Teach them. Enjoy them. Pass them along. Keep them working. (Sorry, sometimes I stumble back onto that same old soap box.)

What an advantage people have who are taught early through scripture, through examples and through songs like this one to know that God is loving, God is gracious and merciful and God is GOOD. Better to begin learning this late than never. Better still to learn it from the start. No time like the present to help someone get their own reasons to start singing “I Love The Lord”.

God bless you lots!
— Dale R.

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LYRICS: I Love The Lord
Song by Hope Harmon

I love the Lord with all my heart.
I love the Lord and I knew right from the start
That when I heard His matchless Word I knew it would be
I’d love the Lord for all eternity

1. Sitting on the devil’s doorstep trying to find
Some new way that I could learn to blow my mind
Til a child of God sat down near me well then, Dear Father, I could see
That I’d love the Lord, and He would set me free.

2. When I confessed the Lord Jesus Christ I knew I was free
From all those doubts and worries that were bothering me
Well I want the whole world to sit down and see it ‘s Christ in you, the hope of glory, and
I love the Lord and live abundantly.

3. Now I thank God every day for the love I’ve found in Christ
I thank Him for His beautiful Word and my more than abundant life
And I’d like to thank Him once again for His Son, Jesus Christ – AMEN!
Oh, I love the Lord, and all the brethren


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Song and lesson first posted 9-7-2022. Updated 1-12-2023 — new video recording with second verse added.

6 Replies to “I Love The Lord”

  1. Julia Witchard

    Good early morning Mr Dale, “PRAISE THE LORD ” What an amazing way to acknowledge OUR FATHER JESUS, on the outside looking up, and just saying… I LOVE U MY LORD, and it is better just singing thst to him Now nothing could be as simple as that, regardless of who sanged this verse, u did and amazing job. … anytime someone tells OUR FATHER JESUS HE LOVES HIM, IS JUST SIMPLE ACKNOWLEDGING HOW MUCH HE FIRST LOVED US..OUR FATHER JESUS LOVES US, BECAUSE HE IS LOVE….HEOVED US SO MUCH,
    HE STRETCHED OUT HIS ARMS AND DIED…UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.. AMAZING GRACE Mr dale.. blessing 🙏 upon blessings goes out to u and Cathy. Much blessings 🙏❤ and love…

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Julia, praise the Lord indeed! Your note has the same happy enthusiasm as the song … the Lord is GOOD! God bless you lots — Dale R.

  2. Alicia

    What an awesome God!
    So timely and wonderful.
    Little love notes and supernatural nudges from our Heavenly Father!
    Thank you Dale!

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Alicia, thanks for your note. I agree … the songwriter captured real joy of the Lord in this song. Love it. God bless you lots … Dale R.

  3. Julia Witchard

    Good early morning Mr Dale, such an amazing song, what more could we do to show. OUR HEAVENLY FATHER GOD HOW MUCH WE LOVE 💘 HIM, ….There are so many ways , just knowing that HE BECAME FLESH TO SHOW US HOW MUCH HE LOVES U 💘…HE DIDN’T STOP THERE ..IN A FLESHLY SOUL .. HE WALKED THIS EARTH, TO SHOW US HIMSELF, HE EVEN DIED SO THAT WE COULD LIVE… Now mr dale , THAT’S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, … Who could love 💘 more than that, …BECAUSE HE IS LOVE ,AND HE WANTED TO SHARE THAT WITH US, HE CAME AND EXPERIENCED, WHAT We are going through, AND HE SAID , U DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS ON YOUR OWN, JUST ACCEPT MY LOVE AND I WILL NEVER LEAVE U NOR FORSAKE U…..WHAT A MIGHTY FATHER WE SERVE.. what an amazing song, Mr Dale it is a song of joy, and u sanged it joyfully…..I LOVE THE LORD BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED ME…… the devil don’t stand a chance, if we have the love of OUR FATHER JESUS INSIDE OF Us… and I will run this race, and dash out, as much love as possible… no holding back,, because. MY FATHER JESUS HAS SUPPLIED ME WITH MUCH LOVE…. And I have to share it , like u are sharing it through your ministry, u and Cathy keep on running, I am right beside u, and let’s share this love, with whosoever will hear…… I love THE LORD…….BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED ME ❤ ♥ 💕….Thanks mr dale for sharing the love through your songs and ministry….blessing 🙏 upon blessings goes out to u and Cathy…much blessings 🙏❤..

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Julia, your note includes so many reasons to love the Lord! Thanks for sharing them. I love THE LORD…….BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED ME …. AMEN! God bless you lots! – Dale R.


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