The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Sometimes fears and worries whirl in our minds like a dog chasing his tail. We churn and burn and get nowhere. We can fix that kind of scatter by switching our gaze to the Lord. In prayer we can hand Him our messy thought basket and ask Him which of the many concerns belong to Him to fix and which — if any — are ours to work on. We release to Him the ones He claims, and we get busy on what He tells us to do to resolve the issues that remain.

Our song, “The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)” helps us be bold and confident as we bring our requests to the Lord because it teaches us about His character and ability to help every one of His children in every circumstance for all times. Give the song a listen, them come back for a look at the amazing depth of teaching the six verses of Psalm 23 bring us.

Redemptive names of God

God has different names in the Bible that describe Him and help us know Him better. For example, Psalm 23:1 says “The Lord is my shepherd”. The Hebrew words are “Jehovah-RO’I”. This is one of about a dozen or more redemptive names of God used in the Bible. “The Lord is my shepherd” is a fitting name because He shepherds His people. He takes care of them.

The verse continues with: “I shall not want.” In Genesis, God is called “Jehovah-JIREH”, which means “The Lord who sees and provides.” Since God sees and provides, “I shall not want”. Though “Jehovah-JIREH” does not appear in Psalm 23, the IDEA conveyed in this redemtive name of God DOES appear in the words “I shall not want”.

In this manner, in just 6 verses, Psalm 23 describes God in at least ten different ways that line up with ten of His redemptive names found in the Bible. This one Psalm teaches a lot about God’s character and wonderful love, ability and commitment to provide for His own. No wonder people love the 23rd Psalm so much!

Ten names referred to in six verses

Compare Psalm 23 and these redemptive names for the Lord:

The LORD is my shepherd;
JEHOVAH-RO‘I – The Lord my Shepherd
(Psalm 23:1)

I shall not want.
JEHOVAH-JIREH – The Lord who sees and provides.
(Genesis 22:14)

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters.
JEHOVAH-SHALOM – The Lord gives peace
(Judges 6:24)

He restoreth my soul:
JEHOVAH-ROPHEKA – The Lord that heals you
(Exodus 15:26)

He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.
JEHOVAH-ZIDKENU – The Lord our righteousness
(Jeremiah 23:6)

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH -The Lord is there
(Ezekiel 48:35)

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
JEHOVAH-NISSI – The Lord my banner of victory
(Exodus 17:15)

Thou anointest my head with oil;
JEHOVAH-MEKADDISHKEM – The Lord that sanctifies you
(Leviticus 20:7,8)

My cup runneth over.
JEHOVAH-MANAH – The Lord my portion
(Psalm 16:5)

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.
JEHOVAH-CHELEQ – The Lord my inheritance
(Psalm 119:57)

Fear not, for I am with you

God’s promise in Isaiah 41 still stands: “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” How beautifully and powerfully God’s promise in Isaiah is amplified in Psalm 23.

Our song “The Lord Is My Shepherd” weaves the characteristics described in those ten redemptive names into its lyrics. Can you spot them all? The song can help us remember the lessons of Psalm 23.

When someone asks, “How are you?” — regardless how we think our day is going — our answer can honestly be “I am BLESSED!” Amen?!?

God bless you LOTS!
-Dale R.

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LYRICS: Psalm 23 – The Lord is My Shepherd
Song by Dale Reichel

The Lord is my shepherd, He sees and provides
The Lord brings us peace, He heals and He guides
The Lord leads us right, So we know how to do
The Lord is my shepherd. He’s faithful, He’s true

The Lord brings the victory, He sanctifies
So we can be healthy and wealthy and wise
The Lord’s always with us, He’s never asleep
The Lord is my shepherd, His word I will keep.

Though times get hard and the sky dark and stormy
I will fear no harm, For He’s always with me
Surely goodness and mercy will leave me never,
And I’ll live in the house of the Lord forever

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19 Replies to “The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)”

  1. Julia Witchard

    Good evening mr dale,…YES THE LORD IS OUR SHEPHERD, AND YES HE DOES PROVIDE, Thanks for the beautiful song that went right into your sermon, teaching and singing how GOOD AND AWESOME, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS IS “THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD “I PRAY THAT PRAYER, EVERY MORNING I LEAVE FOR WORK, That is an amazing “PRAYER”..That song tells us all we can look forward to by just “TRUSTING IN OUR FATHER JESUS, Like u said mr dale, …”HE IS OUR SHEPHERD “..”THE SHEPHERD TAKES CARE OF HIS SHEEPS, and mr dale i have been studying now for about a week now on “THE MANY NAMES OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER GOD, U Are so right, there are so many names that, DESCRIBES HOW AWESOME AND AMAZING OUR FATHER IS, WE CANNOT COMPREHEND THEM ALL, IT JUST AMAZED ME, ON EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD, DESCRIBES HIM, ……u Have touched on such an amazing way we can start the new year,… just knowing how amazing and awesome , HE TRULY IS…”WHAT AN AWESOME NEW YEAR RESOLUTION, “KNOWING HOW AWESOME AND AMAZING OUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS.HE HAS THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS…That’s my new year resolution, studying and memorizing, All THE WONDERFUL NAMES OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER , …I think it would take a lifetime, … what,…”HE IS OUR LIFE “….Thanks mr dale, for caring and sharing such a beautiful song and sermon….”HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U ALL..STARTING THE NEW YEAR OFF, BY MEDITATING ON ALL THE NAMES OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER…MUCH LOVE 💘… GOES OUT TO EVERYONE….MUCH BLESSINGS AND 🙏❤..

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Julia, thanks for your note. I saw a video of Dennis Prager, a fine speaker and Old Testament scholar, getting laughed at by an audience when he commented, ” ‘God’ is not God’s name.” As odd as his comment might have sounded … or as “funny” as his comment seemed to that audience, with just a little bit of reading, learning and thinking, we can understand exactly what Mr. Prager was talking about. Just getting God’s “name” right is a large topic for study! Thanks for weighing in! God bless you lots — Dale R.

  2. Dan R.

    Happy Anniversary Dale.
    Thank you for bringing all these tunes to the forefront of our daily thoughts. Such a warm reminder of who Jesus is and a rich blessing to so many. Thanks for the encouragement!!!
    Love you bro!!!

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Dan, thanks for your note. I’m so happy we get to share these songs with each other! God is good. Wishing you all His best! God bless you lots — D.

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Sarah, thanks for your note and well wishes. I’ll do my best to keep them coming. Thanks for the many ways you have helped get this project started and continue to help keep it going. God bless you lots! -D

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Thanks, Frank. God is SO GOOD! He is doing amazing things right now, and more is coming! God bless you lots – Dale R.

  3. Fred Goff

    Great to be directed to your site. Sharon and I have such wonderful memories of your time in Oklahoma. I opened a music school with a friend of mine 12 years ago and so music is a big part of my life. It is a blessing to see and hear you play again. I am looking forward to getting the sheet music and seeing what you have coming to us in the future. All our love and prayers to you and Cathy.

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Fred, What a joy to hear from you!!! Thanks for visiting MusicMinister. Hope you enjoy the sheet music. The next song of the 3-part Genesis set should post VERY soon. I think you’ll recognize the content better than most! God bless ya!!! -Dale 🙂

  4. Amanda Dodson

    Beautiful song! I recently read this Psalm in a study I’m doing about David and was amazed at how he was able to have such an amazing attitude during such a hard time. I did not know all that about the names being more or less defined in the verses. What a comfort to have those names to remind us of who God truly is in our times if trouble. Will be learning this song with the kids! Thank you!

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Amanda, Thanks for your comments and kind words! I’m hoping you’ll get the sheet music offered free at the bottom of the page, and get in on email updates when new things are posted. God bless you lots! -Dale

  5. Elana

    Thank Uuuu. John did not mention that you are an instrumentalist too-ooo. Wow! He is faithful… Thank you Mr. Reichel.

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Elana, Thanks much for visiting and commenting. I’d be delighted if you would click the button to request a free copy of the Psalm 23 sheet music, and share ideas or suggestions for other songs you’d like to see. Thanks again! – Dale

  6. Hannah Tomlinson

    WOW what a beautiful song! I have always loved this Psalm, but I never knew all this about the names of God relating to the different verses. THANK YOU for making this available!


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