His Love Still Reaches Out

When God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, it made a big difference. I was thrilled when I began to understand that God had needed to keep the big difference a secret until after Jesus ascended into heaven. Only then could it begin to be revealed to Paul and others “that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God”. Where do we read about these things that had been hidden in God but are now revealed? Read the Church Epistles – Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Thessalonians. Paul penned these. But where did he get the information? Paul declares, “By the revelation of Jesus Christ.” Talk about a “must read” section of the Bible! Please give “His Love Still Reaches Out” a sing-along listen, then let’s talk about the part of the Bible given in the months and years after Jesus said, “It is finished”. That’s the part of the Bible our song comes from.

“But” – what a word!

“But God” have been called “the greatest two words in the Bible”. For example, Ephesians says in times past we all “were dead in trespasses and sins … by nature the children of wrath …”


who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us … has quickened us together with Christ and has raised us up together and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.”

Nothing we could do could take us from death to life — BUT GOD! How powerful and loving for God to change us from our “old” dead selves to our “new” alive selves. That is a big change, resulting from a big God.

To make this change live bigger for you, try this experiment. It might take an hour, but it will be well worth it. Give the book of Judges a quick read. Then read Ephesians. Do you feel a difference between these? A different attitude? A different relationship between people and the Lord? A different amount of hope and optimism?

Both of these are God’s Word. Why the difference?

Jesus Christ made the difference. He brought a new kind of life. If the people in Judges could have had this life, then Jesus Christ would not have needed to suffer at Calvary, die, rise from the dead and ascend into heaven.

If Jesus had not done all that, the book of Judges might be our story, too.

But Jesus (two more greatest words!) DID do all that, and now we have the book of Ephesians to help us write our story.

We can be so THANKFUL!

Three more Bible words

I’m thankful someone pointed out three words in the Bible that drip with irony. Read them and laugh, read and weep, read and say, “Been there, done that.”

We join Peter in Acts 10. We know by this time Peter is a born-again, spirit-filled Christian. He knew the Lord. The Lord and Peter had walked on water together.

But this record lets us know that even people who have walked on water with the Lord still need to be open to learning. I find that encouraging!

Peter is up on the rooftop patio praying when the Lord gives him a vision. He is shown “all manner of four-footed beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and fowls of the air.” Peter hears a voice that says, “Rise, Peter; kill, and eat.”

Kill and eat?!? Peter was raised in the Jewish religion, and knew better than eating anything he saw in that vision.

Then, the three amazing, ironic words:

“Not so, Lord …”

We’ve already looked at “but God” and “but Jesus”. Now we find a “but Peter”. Once again the Bible records one of our best big brothers in Christ laboring at learning how to walk with the Lord. Here Peter put “Lord” — one who rules over us in all things — in the same sentence as “not so”.

Peter’s answer to the Lord’s instruction was, “Not so, Lord.”

Jesus changed things for Peter. Jesus was still changing things for Peter. Peter had been schooled in the law. He was taught rules that had stood for centuries on how to live righteously. His religious training had been so important to him that even one he called “Lord” had to give the same instruction three times.

But Peter “got it” and “used it” later in Acts 10 as he had the privilege to teach Cornelius and company about Jesus, and see them get saved like Peter had. That was a big leap for Peter, but he made it. Read his account in Acts 11 and read 1 & 2 Peter. Peter made the leap toward knowing and living the BIG changes God wrought in Christ when He raised Jesus from the dead.

If it takes you and me a little while to embrace “Ephesians” when all we knew was “Judges”, so be it. It is time well spent. What could be more important in this life than to get born again — and start learning what our new life in Christ does — and does NOT — require of us?

It is interesting that Judges is twenty-one chapters long. Ephesians is only six chapters. I’ll use that difference in size to illustrate an idea. Jesus accomplished so much that the instructions to live righteously in Christ are briefer and brighter than all the instructions required to live righteously under the law. Life in Christ is so much brighter than life under the law. What glad tidings of good things Jesus brings!

We can be so THANKFUL!

His Love Still Reaches Out

This hymn may be new to you. It certainly was new to me. It was published in 1902 and appeared in just a small number of hymnals under the title “No Condemnation, No Separation”. I took the liberty of renaming it “His Love Still Reaches Out” — words repeated in the refrain, and a name which seems to be a better fit for such a happy song. I added the subtitle “Romans 8” because some ideas from that chapter show up in this song. This is a “Church Epistle” teaching song — a good companion as we soak up revelation the Lord gave Paul, and Paul wrote for the Church in books we call Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Thessalonians. These Church Epistles work as a unit that serve the Body of Christ well as a door to understanding how we are now to live in Christ Jesus — and for understanding how other parts of the Bible fit in this new life — or were ended — because God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. The resurrection REALLY made a difference! As then, so now — His love still reaches out.

God bless you lots!
Dale R.

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LYRICS: His Love Still Reaches Out
Text: Jennie Evelyn Hussey (1902)
Tune: J. Lincoln Hall

1 Who shall ever separate us from the wondrous love of Christ?
Neither persecution, famine, nor distress;
Principalities nor powers, neither angels from on high
E’er shall cause that love to weaken or grow less.
Neither height nor depth can sever from that love so strong and pure,
For He promised ne’er to leave us nor forsake;
So we’ll trust in Him forever, for the Word of God is sure
Till at last in his own likeness we awake.

There is now no condemnation; for He took our sins away,
And He nailed them to His cross on Calvary.
There can be no separation; for “He’s just the same today,”
And His love still reaches out to you and me.

2 Who is he that shall condemn us, when our Lord for us has died?
And He said, “I’ll not condemn you; sin no more.”
For the love of God is broader than all other love beside,
And our sins by Jesus’ blood are covered o’er.
He has promised to forget them, and remove them far away—
All the heavy load of guilt and sin and shame.
And our ransom has been purchased; freedom’s ours this very day,
Signed and sealed and given us in Jesus’ name.

3 Who shall ever separate us from the love of Christ, our Lord?
Neither perils on the sea or on the land;
Not imprisonment nor fasting, nor the swift, relentless sword;
Never foe disturb, and never traitor stand.
When His enemies are conquered and the victory is won,
When the hosts of sin at last are put to flight,
We’ll be with our gathered loved ones at the setting of the sun,
In the land of everlasting love and light.

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First posted April 22, 2022. Reposted August 2, 2023 because it is a good song for today.

7 Replies to “His Love Still Reaches Out”

  1. Julia Witchard

    Good early morning Mr dale, As I was Rereading your sermon, and noticing, how amazingly, it is written, “HIS LOVE STILL REACHES OUT”, There are so many key points, in this sermon ,that I could literally write a book on, but I said “”IT IS ALL READY WRITTEN “, I Read Ephesians Again, and will read it again… Ephesians is an amazing chapter in OUR FATHER HOLY BOOK, u are so right, those chapters help put life in a prospective way of acknowledging how truly an amazing. OUR HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS TRULY IS …… OUR FATHER GOD HONORS HIS SON OUR FATHER JESUS AND PUT ALL THINGS UNDER HIS FEET, …..”ALL THINGS”….AND THERE IS WHERE WE ARE TO SERVE HIM…AND GAVE HIM TO BE HEAD OVER ALL THINGS……. WHICH IS HIS BODY… OUR FATHER JESUS IS THE CHURCH, I like when Paul said, I Paul the prisoner of. JESUS CHRIST And yes Mr dale for “GRACE And MERCY We Are Saved …. THROUGH OUR FATHER JESUS, “THE WORD OF OUR FATHER GOD MADE FLESH,”. “WHICH IS OUR FATHER JESUS”.., WE MUST GO TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS TO GET TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER GOD, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY…. BECAUSE WITHOUT HIM , We Don’t Stand A Chance,, ……..there are so much more in your sermon, that I could literally write a book on, , …… Always stay true to the “FAITH ” Mr dale … We all have to…..there is no other way …. Much 💓 and blessings 🙏 goes out to u and Cathy ..

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Hi Julia. I agree, Ephesians is amazing. I love the four Gospels but was a little slow in realizing Romans through Thessalonians are ALSO “God-breathed truth” and they teach things about powerful Christian living we don’t find anywhere else. Very special and valuable. Ephesians is AWESOME! Worth reading and reading and reading. Cannot all be taken in with just one reading, and it says more to us as we grow more in the Lord. The whole Bible stays fresh and continues to gain importance to us as we keep reading and enquiring in its pages year after year. Cannot imagine life without it! (And … what would our lives and minds be like without the Psalms?!?) God bless you lots — Dale R.

  2. Julia M Witchard

    Good early morning Mr Dale, “AWESOME “!!!! , what an amazing song and sermon… “HIS LOVE 💘 STILL REACHES OUT”, yes it does.. OUR FATHER HOLY SPIRIT, REALLY TOUCHED Your heart… like HE TOUCHED Peter and Paul’s heart.. u hit on so many amazing topics, OUR FATHER GOD LOVE 💘 US from the beginning of times and HIS LOVE 💘 DOES STILL GOES ON AND ON… HE GAVE US EVERYTHING WE NEEDED TO LIVE AND HE LOVES 💘 US UNCONDITIONAL.. AFTER ALL, “HE STRETCHED OUT HIS ARMS AND DIED, MORE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 💘 , like u said mr dale… HIS LOVE 💘 STILL REACHES OUT, TO WHOMSOEVER WILL ACCEPT IT, , Your teaching on how much of
    AN AWESOME FATHER WE HAVE Is so amazing… there are so many key points that u touched my heart with and I will read them like ephesians, that’s an amazing chapter in the bible, ..I will stop now… because there are so much to your sermon, u are truly blessed 🙌, Mr Dale, u and Cathy, ……..MAY THE HANDS OF OUR FATHER HOLY SPIRIT CONTINUE TO BLESS U BOTH… ALWAYS 🙏.. 🙏.. 🙏.. TO GET OUT HIS AMAZING WORDS, TO WHOMSOEVER WILL LISTEN….. l thanks again for all u do.. and teach.. ….. “NOW THAT’S NOTHING BUT.” AMAZING GRACE “… Keep Running 🏃‍♂️ Keep teaching, keep singing… it suits u just fine… u both have an amazing day..BLESSINGS 🙏 🙏 🙏

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Julia, Thanks for your kind words! We’ll keep running, teaching — and singing — as long as we can. Jesus caused SO MUCH amazingly good news for us to read, sing, celebrate and live! What a privilege to know Him. God bless you lots! – Dale R.

  3. Sal Arico

    What a great song and reminder of all that God did for us and in us! And He is still doing it for millions. Great teaching as well Dale, really makes one see the truth of grace!!!

    1. Dale Reichel Post author

      Sal, thanks for your note. I agree … this song is a little treasure chest of good news from the part of the Bible TO us today. “What power the Church has — if we only knew it…” — Well, we get to learn and live it, and help others do the same. What a joy and privilege. What a day to be alive. God bless you lots – Dale R.

  4. Alicia

    Such wonderful reminding and encouragement!

    “But God” moments when the 5 senses are so limited are my favorite.

    Hope you and yours are fabulously Blessed each and every lovely day!

    Maranatha! Lord come quickly!


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