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This song by singer-songwriter-pastor Cliff Adelman has meant a lot to me for many years. It’s a “thankful list” set to music. You might be surprised how much good being thankful does. Please give this song a listen, then come back for more on benefits of being thankful.

Why be thankful?

When thanks are due, we simply owe thanks to the provider. When it comes to God’s goodness to us, our reasons for thankfulness can never be exhausted.

But there is more! Here is another reason to be thankful:

God designed us so that WE benefit from being thankful.

Really! Recently I read an article that says:

Studies have shown that being thankful has broad range benefits in various areas of our lives:

  • SOCIALLY –  thankful people have more and deeper friendships, healthier marriages, and higher self-esteem
  • EMOTIONALLY – thankful people have less envy, are more relaxed, more resilient, and have happier memories
  • MENTALLY – thankful people show better goal achievement , and improved decision making
  • PHYSICALLY – Thankful people have improved sleep, less illness, and increased energy

Worth the effort

Sad but true, we often need to remember to give thanks. IDEA: Grab paper and pencil, take 10 minutes, and WRITE. Quickly scrawl every reason you can think of to be thankful.

If you will pick your thankful list up and read through it every day for 21 days, you just might be amazed at changes in you and changes around you. (Even better if you can get someone in your family or a friend to join with you for the 21-day experiment.) Give it a try!

God bless you lots!

-Dale R.

LYRICS: Thankful
Song by Cliff Adelman

Lord God, I’m so thankful for,
Thankful for all Your love for me.
Lord God, I’m so thankful for
Calling me to Your family.

1. Thank You for each new morning
Thank You for each new night
Thank You for Your goodness,
Your power and Your light.

2. Thank You for forgiveness,
Thank You for Your Son.
Thank You for Your freedom,
The victory has been won.

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One Reply to “Thankful”

  1. Julia Witchard

    Mr Dale, “THANKFUL”… WHAT AN AMAZING WORD….. Mr Dale, the one reason why I am so thankful is because. I am my “FATHER’S Daughter and HE CHOSE Me to be HIS Servant….and I will serve HIM Through all who I cross path with….thanks, Mr Dale…be very blessed….ALWAYS….


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